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Terms and Conditions of Orders

  1. All information provided must be correct and complete during the time of submission. Noel Gifts International Ltd (Noel Gifts) reserves the right to disqualify any applicants with incomplete or incorrect submission.
  2. Orders are subject to stock availability. Pre order closes on 11 September 2015.
  3. In the case of over subscription, allocation of orders will be by ballot where applicable. Entry does not automatically entitle applicants to the product(s), but to a place in the ballot. Orders may be partially fulfilled, at the sole discretion of Noel Gifts, without prior notice. Ballot results will be notified via email/SMS and/or phone on 14 September 2015. Noel Gifts shall refund any monies that it has received in respect of any quantities that have not been allocated for successful and unsuccessful applicants via email and/or SMS notification.
  4. Refunds will be made in the event that applicant is not allocated the item(s) due to unsuccessful balloting or if the item is no longer available and will be notified accordingly. The refund will be made within thirty (30) days upon such notification.
  5. For item(s) not collected after a period of three (3) months from the issue date of the confirmation of email and SMS, Noel Gifts shall dispose the item(s) at our discretion and we are not liable to refund any monies paid.
  6. You may authorise another person to collect the purchased item(s) on your behalf by filling in the person’s “Name and IC number”. Collection will only be allowed upon the authorised person producing his/her own identity card, the confirmation email and/or SMS and authorisation form.
  7. Entry into the ballot implies acceptance of these terms and conditions as final and binding.
    Entries which are not in accordance with the terms and conditions will be disqualified.
  8. Noel Gifts reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify the ballot at any time (and for any reason) with or without notice.
  9. Delivery is limited to addresses within Singapore only and does not cover P.O. Box addresses.
  10. The items will be released for collection and delivery from 18 September 2015 onwards.
  11. Payment can be made via credit card (Visa/Masters), cashier order or money order and must be cleared by 11 September 2015.
  12. Payment made via cash must be received by 11 September 2015, 5pm at Noel’s Office.
  13. Do not send cash via mail. Cash payments should be made in person at Noel’s Office. Please insist on a Noel receipt for all cash payments.
  14. Payment made via cheque must be received by 9 September 2015 at Noel’s office.
  15. Cheque should be crossed and made payable to “Noel Gifts International Ltd”. Please state applicant’s full name, NRIC / Passport / Fin No., “Numismatic” and Order number at back of cheque or money order.
  16. Noel Gifts reserves the right disqualify any applicants with unsuccessful payment before/on 11 September 2015.
  17. Cancellation of order is not allowed upon the applicant being informed of his/her successful application.
  18. Item(s) shall be deemed accepted upon acknowledgement of delivery order. Kindly check condition of set(s) upon delivery.
  19. Noel Gifts reserves the right to refuse any collection or delivery if we are not satisfied with proof of identity produced.
  20. Noel Gifts reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions herein without prior notice.